Lifestyles Staff

At Jindalee Aged Care Residence, our Health & Leisure Team strives to provide a diverse range of activities that meet the emotional, health, intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs of residents.

Our team’s diverse range of skills and experience enables us to provide comprehensive programs for our residents. Daily music performances are an integral part of Jindalee’s lifestyle program. Our music programs are engaging and are used to promote a motivational and lively environment.

Jindalee’s holistic lifestyle program is divided into five clubs. These clubs identify the lifestyle needs of each and every resident. Programs are designed in consultation with our residents and relatives. Families and relatives are encouraged to participate in our programs and provide feedback about the innovations and changes in programs they would like to see.

If you would like to more about any part of our lifestyle programs, please don’t hesitate to contact our Health and Leisure Coordinator, Richard Cummins. Richard is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.