Lifestyles - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our Lifestyles program. You can click on the questions to view the answers, otherwise please contact us if your question isn't answered here.

  • Q: What does the Health and Leisure team do and who are they?
    At Jindalee Aged Care Residence, our Health & Leisure Team strives to provide a diverse range of activities that meet the emotional, health, intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs of residents. Our team’s diverse range of skills and experience enables us to provide comprehensive programs for our residents. We have 6 team members. Our programs are headed up by our Health and Leisure Coordinator Richard Cummins. Full team member profiles can be view in the ‘Team Profiles’ section on this website.
  • Q: What are the visiting hours at Jindalee?
    We have no visiting restrictions at Jindalee. As long as visitors are considerate of other residents, family members can visit whenever they like.
  • Q: Can I take my family member out for the day?
    Yes you can. Just make sure you inform us before you go. We are always willing to help you prepare for these outings.
  • Q: What can my family do when they come to visit?
    Jindalee has many outdoor areas and lounge rooms for families to use. We also have a recreation room that can be booked for special events, like birthdays and anniversaries. There are no costs associated to this facility; however, bookings are essential. Families are welcome to have lunch or dinner at the facility. Families and friends are also welcome to join in Jindalee’s activities programs.
  • Q: How do we get involved in the lifestyle program decision making process?
    Our residents have bi-monthly meetings and regular discussions. We also have a relatives committee meeting once a month. These meetings are held to ensure that residents and families are satisfied with the programs that we are delivering.
  • Q: Are there hairdressing and beautician facilities available?
    Our in-house hairdressing salon is open every Tuesday; all you need to do is book. Furthermore, our beautician visits the facility every Thursday. A list of treatments can be obtained from reception upon request.
  • Q: How are birthdays celebrated?
    Every birthday is special at Jindalee; that’s why we celebrate each and every one. On these special days, a freshly made cake is delivered to the resident. If you would like to plan something special for your loved one on these occasions, please let us know, we’d love to help.
  • Q: How do I volunteer at Jindalee?
    If you would like to volunteer your services at Jindalee, there are a number of steps you need to take. Our Lifestyle Coordinator, Richard Cummins, is more than happy to guide you through the process. Please email for more information.